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Fresh Fruit Produce

66 hectares of mango trees

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Fresh Fruit Produce


Our mangoes are cultivated through biological farming methods. We plant more mango trees every year and currently we have 66ha of planted trees, making Tamarak Estate the largest mango farm in the Western Cape area.

We prepare our own organic compost and we refrain from spraying harsh chemicals on fruits or trees. By using natural predators, we assist the process of fighting pests in a natural and environmentally friendly way.

More than 50% off all trees are covered with shade netting to help prevent sun damage on fruit in the summer, which in turn increases the yield of our mango harvest.

We produce 1000 tons of 1st and 2nd grade mangoes each season, of which a portion is exported to Europe. 12% off all picked fruit is processed into dried products or pulp.

We have recently introduced a new cultivar of mango Tropica. This cultivar is excellent for export and a good quality fruit.

Mango cultivars

Several mango varieties are cultivated throughout the season and our annual harvest include the following mango cultivars:

  • Joa
  • Kent
  • Long Green
  • Sensation
  • Heidi
  • Keitt
  • Tropica

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